Rapper Sword Dance

Rapper Sword Dance

Rapper Sword Dance

Victoria Square , Sun 24th Sep 2017

The rapper dance is a fast traditional English dance whose origins lie in the mining villages of the Northumberland and Durham coalfield of England and involves five people connected by short, two-handled, flexible swords (called rappers) forming a chain. Without breaking this chain the dancers weave in and out of one another twisting the swords to form locks and breastplates, sometimes jumping or even somersaulting over the swords.

The Stone Monkey team are famed as former  DERT Premier Champions;  DERT Spotlight Champions; holders of the DERT Veterans Trophy; persistent winners of the Sword Dance Union Longsword Trophies and Llangollen Eisteddfod runners up.

Stone Monkey are a sight to experience on stage, club or in bar. Beware all imitations beyond the pail, watch out for the wayward sink plunger and do not feed the Horse.

Join Square Dance for three days of music and dance in the heart of the city. In the daytime bring your friends and family and join in the dance classes and performances in the Square. Each evening we have live music and heavyweight DJs for your entertainment.



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