Hacked! Games Re-designed

Hacked! Games Re-designed

Hacked! Games Re-designed

BOM, 1 Dudley Street, B5 4EG , Fri 4th - Sun 6th Oct 2019
Friday: 12-9pm, Saturday and Sunday: 12-5pm

Hacked! is an exhibition looking at the world of gaming through the eyes of disabled gamers, makers and artists. Commissioned by BOM and co-curated by gamer and blogger Vivek Gohill, the exhibition explores how artists and innovators are changing the way we play computer games.

From the DIY movement of controller hacks, modz and instructables to artist’s ingenious creations and Xbox’s own Adaptive Controller, we invite visitors to experience some of thecutting-edge game-changing devices that offer radically differentways to interact beyond fingers and thumbs.

Play with the latest innovations in adaptive design, from the mighty Microsoft corp’s new accessible controller, to low-fi hacked alternatives and arcade machines re-invented by artists. This exhibition captures a unique moment in time when games designed from disabled perspectives could lead us towards new kinds of innovation and immersion.



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