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What Does Queer Sound Like? posted 05 Sep 2017

This is the question Trevor Pitt is asking in his brand new music festival, Fluid, which presents a weekend of new Queer sound and music. With an extraordinary line-up of composers, experimental electronic musicians and hot new talent, Fluid invites the selected composers and musicians to reflect on the multiplicity of Queer identities, and how musical styles can echo this. 

Taking place as part of Birmingham Weekender, Fluid will showcase musical genres from classical traditions through to current happenings in digital, cyber and popular culture - across five venues on Saturday 23rd September.

Audiences can see performance by renowned artist Rolf Hind, who has worked with many of the greatest names in 20th and 21st century contemporary classical music. He has performed at all the major European new music festivals, appeared five times at the Proms, and played in Carnegie Hall and Sydney Opera House.

Don’t miss the launch of Mx World, the new solo project from London based musician Poppy Tibbetts. By combining traditional methods with styles of song writing, sampling, sound collage and audio-processing techniques, Mx World evokes a sense of space, texture and movement through sound.

Approaching music and performance as a means of escapism, fantasy and catharsis for both the listener and performer, Mx World creates atmospheric, experimental pop music with a powerful vocal presence.

Joining MX World is Rebekah Ubuntu, Henry McPherson & Inkeri Kallio, Daniel Versus the World, C N Lester Tinder Ash, fukc_boi and Leo Francisco and Yfat Sould Zisso, in addition to two free events as part of Weekender: a talk at Birmingham Town Hall and a chilled-out Sunday brunch at Eden Bar in the Gay Village.

For more information and to book tickets, see http://www.fluidfestival.org/

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