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As A Tiger In The Jungle - Interview with Ali Williams posted 15 Aug 2017

A unique theatrical circus experience is coming to The Rep as part of Birmingham Weekender.


Renu Ghalan, Aman Tamang and Loan TP Hoang tell the story of how, against all odds, they survived their childhood and created their own destiny.


We spoke to the creative producer, Ali Williams, to find out more about this inspiring, authentic and heart-warming performance:


Hi Ali, can you give us a bit more of an insight into the production?

As A Tiger in the Jungle is the story of twins (Renu Ghalan and Aman Taman, sister and brother) from Nepal and a girl from Vietnam (Loan TP Hoang). Renu and Aman were sold by their parents to the circus around the age of five and beaten until they could accomplish the skills needed to perform.  They were eventually rescued by the Esther Benjamins Trust (now Child Rescue Nepal). After their rescue, Renu and Aman were given the chance to turn their traditional circus skills into contemporary dance artistry.


Is the rehearsal process emotional for the actors involved?

Yes, obviously the actors are focusing upon a difficult time in their life, however we see this as a positive process. The actors are reclaiming the abuse they suffered, and benefiting from it. They are making a living and travelling Europe, whilst telling the story of their past and raising awareness of human trafficking


What is the style of the piece?

The piece uses contemporary circus, ceremony and spoken word, however at times it is almost fairy-tale like. The tiger is used as a metaphor for the human traffickers.


And finally, what may surprise audiences?

There are many layers to the story. Although the audience members may consider the parents as ‘bad’ for what they did to their children, there are many factors which come into play, such as poverty, lack of education, inequality and limited life choices. We hope that the audience will enjoy a meaningful piece of circus theatre that will touch, entertain and inform.


See As A Tiger In The Jungle at The Birmingham Rep, on Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd September.

Visit the As A Tiger In The Jungle website for tickets and more information.  


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